The Prediction and Research Moored Array in the Tropical Atlantic (PIRATA) is a international observing network to improve both knowledge and understanding of the ocean-atmosphere system along the the tropical Atlantic Ocean. Launched in the framework of the international program CLIVAR (CLImate VARiability and predictability), PIRATA operates by an array of moored buoys supported finacial, technical and logistically by France (IRD in collaboration with Meteo-France, CNRS and IFREMER), Brazil (INPE and DHN) and the USA (NOAA). For more information, see about PIRATA

Southwest Extension

The PIRATA Southwest Extension project is an effort to expand the PIRATA array of tropical Atlantic ATLAS moorings into the southwestern sector of the Tropical Atlantic Ocean. Links below provide access to data from the extension, published articles and more information about the PIRATA project.


Data from yearly maintenance Brazilian oceanographic cruises are available for download through here.


Articles and reports from the yearly cruises are available for download as PDFs.